Let Us Help

Amarillo Auto Search’s function is to help you sell your car, help you sell it faster, and to help you sell it for more money. We do that by providing four major functions.

What You Get:

  • High Visibility Online Ad
  • Good Quality Photos
  • Clear, Concise Vehicle Description
  • Idle & Rev Video

You can provide your own photos and description, or you can pay extra for our help. Please note that photos and vehicle description are required of all ads and must meet Amarillo Auto Search quality standards. This is because we believe that if you’re going to pay for an ad, we should help you get the most out of it. Providing or paying for a video is not required.

Why do you have to provide or pay for photos? There are many reasons:

  • To save you from answering so many questions from buyers
  • To gain the confidence of buyers that you are not hiding anything
  • To take advantage of pictures’ proven effectiveness in selling a vehicle

Pictures answer in a glance literally dozens of questions any serious buyer could have about a vehicle. They also show the general condition of the vehicle so that there are fewer “surprises” when someone wants to see the vehicle in-person.

Why do you need a clear and concise written description? To say what pictures can’t. This includes the vehicle’s accident history, number of owners, service history, how long you’ve owned the car, why you are selling it, and a lot more. These are important details to buyers. By answering it once, in the ad, you avoid answering it for each and every caller and/or visitor you receive.

What is the Idle & Rev Video? The video option is a picture slideshow coupled with audio of the car starting, idling, and revving its engine. It is ideal for performance-related vehicles and/or vehicles with upgrades like turbo chargers, superchargers, after-market exhaust and more. How many times have you read an ad that says the car “sounds great?” With this option, you can let the car speak for itself.

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