About Us

What is Amarillo Auto Search

Amarillo Auto Search is an online-only, Amarillo-focused vehicle classifieds website. AmarilloAutoSearch.com is membership-based, meaning local auto dealers pay a monthly membership fee to post an unlimited number of vehicle listings — complete with descriptions, specs, price, mileage, and even video of the cars they have for sale. The monthly membership fee price is based on the size of a dealership’s inventory. That means that even small, independent dealers can afford our advertising. Privately-owned vehicles can be added to AmarilloAutoSearch.com as well at a per-car rate.

Mission Statement

Amarillo Auto Search strives to provide local car dealers and private vehicle sellers an affordable way advertise any and all vehicles they have for sale. Additionally, we aim to provide the car buyer with an attractive, easy-to-navigate website to browse the inventories of multiple local dealers and sellers in one convenient website.

Our Plan

Amarillo Auto Search’s immediate plan is to gather as many local auto dealers as possible and get them posting all of their inventory to our website. We wish to be the aggregator of all local cars for sale in Amarillo and the surrounding area. We are also compiling a directory of Amarillo car dealers, complete with phone numbers and web addresses. We hope that this directory, when combined with our vehicle listings, will make our website the stop to make when you’re searching for a vehicle to buy.

Future Goals

We also plan to become the hub of local car culture by sharing and reporting on local car shows, swap meets, and automotive industry news. In the near future, we hope to begin producing human interest stories with a car twist. Specifically, we want to write and share feature stories about local residents and their rare, interesting, or just plain weird vehicles. Even further, we hope to create promotions for new vehicle roll-outs that would include one-click searches, model-specific feature stories, and more.

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